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Datum Auftritt Ort Bemerkung Fotos
2011.08.13. 1st Ecumenical Religion Festival in Sopronbánfalva Pauline-Carmelite Monastery, Sopron
2011.08.13. 1st Ecumenical Religion Festival in Sopronbánfalva Pauline-Carmelite Monastery, Sopron
2011.07.16. 4th Day of the Drums Öskü, Ösbő park

We also played some songs of Szirányszki "Regös" József together with him and his daughter.

2011.06.25. 4th Fairy Festival GYIK, Sopron
2011.06.17. Opening day of the Sopron Festival Weeks Fő tér, Sopron
2011.05.28. Night of the Churches Benedictine Church, Sopron
2011.05.07. "Beats" Festival Szentendre
2011.04.10. Lily Day - Voice of the Body - Alternative Healing Conference BW Pannonia Med Hotel, Sopron
2011.03.26. NOE Society Miniconference 2011 Sopron
2011.03.20. 2nd Spring Festival GYIK, Sopron

We participated in the concert of Sziránszki "Regös" József and Klaudia.

2011.02.06. Horváth Eszter photographer's exhibition in Sopron Pannónia Med Hotel, Sopron

We sang Indian mantras.

2011.01.27. MTV 1 (Hungarian Television) performance Hungarian Television Studio, Budapest

Three of our songs were performanced live (Hope, Smiling Bitterness, Good Wishes)

2010.12.13. Christmas programme Doborjáni Ferenc Educational Centre, Sopron
2010.12.10. Kindergarten music Kuruc-domb Kindergarten, Sopron
2010.10.16. Sweet Chestnut and Honey Day Hotel Szieszta, Sopron
2010.09.18. Day of the Folk Tale Sopron
2010.09.04. Calvary - Day of Traditional Folk Arts Pereszteg

Contributed dr. Soós Csaba.

2010.08.15. Countrywide Meeting of Hungarians Bösztörpuszta
2010.07.05. Flowery Sopron 2010 Sopron, Loyalty Fountain
2010.07.03. In the Wake of Our Fathers - 3rd Shaman-Drummer Meeting Bánd, Esseg Castle

Contributed dr. Soós Csaba.

2010.06.19. Night of Museums Sopron, Mining Museum
2010.06.05. The Book Festival Győr, Széchenyi tér
2010.05.21. Kindergarten music "Blue Kindergarten", Sopron
2010.04.17. 3rd Celebration of the Drum Öskü, Ösbő park

Contributed dr. Soós Csaba and Veress Gáspár on shaman drums.

2010.03.21. Spring Festival Sopron, GYIK

We demonstrated a noon celebration with dr. Soós Csaba and Veress Gáspár on shaman drums.

2010.02.27. Andrássy Péter presents his new book Berzsenyi Grammar School (Lyceum), Sopron
2010.02.06. Concert of the winners at the music competition by Mária Radio Budapest, Ciszterci Szent Imre Church

Our song "Thirty-three" reached no.1 together with songs of other musicians. Unfortunately the band could not participate the concert because of the huge blizzards.
We recorded the song at the studio of the Mária Radio, that made a CD with the winner songs.

2009.12.16. Christmas ceremony of the Western Hungarian University Sopron
2009.12.13. Our Christmas concert St. Ursula Church, Sopron

Our second concert that was organised by us for ourselves.

2009.11.29. Opening of the exhibition of Kiss Gabriella Sopron, GYIK
2009.11.11. St. Martin Day Kurucdomb kindergarten, Sopron
2009.10.21. Saint Ursula Day Saint Ursula Primary and Secondary School
2009.10.15. Music for the children Herman Alice Kindergarten, Sopron
2009.10.10. Sweet Chestnut and Honey Day of the Castanea Society for Nature Protection in Sopron Hotel Szieszta, Sopron
2009.09.19. Participating the Tribute Concert to Cseh Tamás Hungarian singer and songwriter University Youth Centre, Sopron

We played two songs of Cseh Tamás, arranged by us.

2009.09.05. NOE Society Autumn Meeting Sopron, GYIK
2009.09.03. Opening of the academic year at the Western Hungarian University Sopron
2009.08.20. "Bokor" Day Doborjáni Ferenc School, Sopron
2009.08.15. Day of Virgin Mary Fő tér, Sopron
2009.06.28. Village Day Abda

Cancelled due to heavy rain.

2009.06.07. Second Book Festival Sopron, Liszt Ferenc Cultural Centre
2009.06.05. Children's Day programs Győr, Evangelical kindergarten
2009.04.17. Opening of the exhibition of artist Mende Zsolt Győr, VOKE Arany János Community Centre's Gallery
2009.04.07. "Music is what we need!"-programme series "Blue Kindergarten", Sopron
2009.02.06. Our first concert organised by us "Berzsenyi Dániel" Evangelical School, Sopron

This was the first concert that we organised for ourselves.

2008.12.12. Advent programs in Sopron Fő tér, Sopron
2008.10.14. Memorial Day of Doborjáni Ferenc Doborjáni Ferenc School, Sopron
2008.09.12. Opening of the exhibition of the relics of the 1st Festival of Fairies, Sopron Sopron, GYIK
2008.06.28. 1st Festival of Fairies, Sopron Sopron, GYIK

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