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The Band

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We formed the band 'Égzengő' (meaning approx. 'Heaven's sound' or 'sounding Heaven') in the summer of 2008 in Sopron, Hungary, to perform Wallon-Hárs Viktor's songs (from the album The Ballad of Gergel) live.

Our songs are inspired by folk tunes and also ancient Hungarian folk tales, legends, archaic prayers. We use mostly Moldavian (ancient Hungary's most eastern part) folk music as a basis, with our own lyrics (written by Wallon-Hárs Viktor) or in several cases the tune is also new, sounding as if it were a bud on the old rose-tree of Hungarian music. The musical instruments we play mostly come from Moldavia too,the kaval (five-hole folkflute), , the kobza (8-string lutelike instrument) or the drum with skin on either side. Other instruments are: different recorders, darbuka and djembe, guitars, and an ancient European instrument, the hurdy-gurdy.

Listening to our music you are taken to a place where ancient Hungarian dancers, healers, wise men swing and spin round and round, yelling blithesome or nippy 'dancewords' enjoying the spiritual valuables gained from God. We aim to help our listeners enter the ancient layers of our culture by the feeling of our music. We believe that to be ancient does not mean to be old or out-of-date. All of us feel the elementary power of the simple but definite rythms (mostly asymmetrical beat). Let's sink into the music of the Hungarian land that is constant though changing from time to time. The more we release the roots the more people will feel the music as if it were their own; after all our roots come from the same place, do they not?

Members of the band:
Hargitai Gábor (percussion, guitar, vocals)
Lajtai Krisztina (recorders, kaval, guitar, vocals)
Martos Virág (recorders, kaval, vocals)
Wallon-Hárs Viktor (guitar, kobza, hurdy-gurdy, vocals)

Click here to listen to our first CD.

Click here to see more photos of the band.

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