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Holy Son-Deer - songs for Christmas

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“Many branches of
the Holy Son-Deer’s antler,
like many candles of the Holy Mass.”
(Hungarian folksong)

  1. Let’s Sing to You! (Romanian folksong)
  2. Seed and Grain
  3. Castle of Stars
  4. Mary and the Blacksmith (Hungarian folksong)
  5. Thirty-three
  6. Mary’s Lily (cantio from the Middle Ages - lyrics: WHV)
  7. Dream
  8. Dear Shepherds, I Announce Good News (folksong)
  9. Hungarians
  10. Kyrie, Kyrie (Hungarian folksong)
  11. Mary sings (Hungarian folksong)
  12. Lily
  13. In Bethlehem (Hungarian folksong)
  14. With a Song on my Lips
  15. In the Fields of Paradise (Hungarian folksong)
  16. Born from a Virgin (Hungarian folksong)
  17. I Am a Deer (Hungarian folksong)
  18. Love and Praise (Cantus Catholici songbook, 1651 - lyrics: WHV)
  19. Good Wishes

Listen to some of our songs!

Light is born into our darkening world. It connects Earth to Heaven by the silken string of Love. The Holy Son has everything a child could need, though He is not born in fine clothes nor a bright palace. He has Love. Believe in the wonder of the Holy Son, let light come into the most intimate corners of our lives, and, remember that every candle lit on Christmas Day will be shining on the “Holy Son-Deer’s antlers”.

Marry Christmas!

The Égzengő Band
Hargitai Gábor - vocals, percussions
Lajtai Krisztina - voice, vocals, recorders
Martos Virág - voice, vocals
Wallon-Hárs Viktor - voice, vocals, recorders, folk flute, kaval, kobza, guitars, hurdy-gurdy, accordion, gardon, percussions, bells

Budai Hajnalka - vocals (Dear Shepherds, I Announce Good News and I am a Deer)
Fajkusz Attila - violin (Dream)
Juhász János - flute (Seed and Grain)

Music, lyrics and arrangements of folksongs by Wallon-Hárs Viktor, except where indicated
Artwork by Martos Virág

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