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"In the Wake of the Deer" - Hungarian folk tunes with contemporary lyrics

A magyarság sorsát, jelenét, múltját és jövőjét megjelenítő dalok.

  • Life
  • Mary's Lament (the first written song in Hungarian from the 13th century)
  • Smiling Bitterness
  • Ancient Song
  • Holy Mother's Hymn from Pusztina (Hungarian folksong)
Holy Son-Deer - songs for Christmas

(see more info about the CD)

  • Let’s Sing to You! (Romanian folksong)
  • Seed and Grain
  • Castle of Stars
  • Mary and the Blacksmith (Hungarian folksong)
  • Thirty-three
  • Mary’s Lily (music: cantio from the Middle Ages - lyrics: Wallon-Hárs Viktor)
  • Dream
  • Kyrie, Kyrie (Hungarian folksong)
  • Mary sings (Hungarian folksong
  • In Bethlehem (Hungarian folksong)
  • In the Fields of Paradise (Hungarian folksong)
  • Born from a Virgin (Hungarian folksong)
  • I Am a Deer (Hungarian folksong)
  • Love and Praise (a tune from the Cantus Catholici songbook, 1651 - lyrics: Wallon-Hárs Viktor)
  • Good Wishes
The Ballad of Gergel

(see more info about the CD)

  • Blooming Towards the Sky
  • The Ballad of Gergel
  • White Lily (Hungarian folksong)
  • Love
  • Wounded (Hungarian folksong)
  • Csángó Hymn
  • Hope
  • Lifestring (Hungarian folksong)
  • Resignation (Hungarian folksong)
  • Home (Hungarian folksong)

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